Scarrport Serenade

Cally will know... she always does.

Aluatra Moonshadow enters Scarrport at the SE dock on IoSD. Many people are around the docks; Red Watchmen, Footmen, Merchants, Sailors, and general populace. Here and there you hear a bit of song or humming, amid the chatter and clatter of dock noise. As Aluatra steps off the riverboat and pauses on the dock to look around. She notices a footman standing at a Noble’s coach as he moves his gaze from a passing servant girl to Aluatra and he looks her up and down, leering a bit (elves aren’t often in this area). A gnomess bustles off the boat after her and notices her looking about. She approaches Aluatra and asks if she’s been to Scarrport before. Aluatra admits she has not and asks the woman how she might find out more about the ruins under the Bard College here. She tells her about Cally Britewisker and the Den Mother and gives general directions to its location.

Aluatra takes the direction suggested, but en route is distracted by a bookstore on Sweet Street. She looks in the arcana section, but buys only a book called “History of Scarrport”, as it has drawings that look helpful. She then continues along to find The Den Mother, noting a shop dedicated to selling spell components and implements for wizards, mages and sorcerers.

When she steps through the front door of the inn, she stops and is almost run down by Cally and Sterling (who are coming back from the guest rooms). Cally stops a moment to welcome her. Cally sends Birel over to see what Aluatra might need. They discuss the menu and Aluatra decides upon the stew and a honey mead. She asks for Cally, telling Birel that she is looking for her professor.

When Cally joins her, Aluatra explains that her professor and mentor, Sebastian Wickstram, has sent for her to join him in Scarrport to help with his search for certain tomes that may be in the ruins. She asks if Cally has heard anything of him or has any idea how she might find him.

Cally tells her about rooms that are available nearer the Bard College, but that she doesn’t think those available to visiting professors will take in students and that the boarding houses for students are not private, set up more like dormitories. They discuss the rooms here and Aluatra decides to take one. Cally suggests that Aluatra can go up to the College and check with the visiting professors’ offices to find her mentor. Aluatra thanks her and settles in to sip her mead and read her book (which she has made to float before her again and conjures a small ball of light to read by).

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